FlashNHistory - World History Programs - Part 2

World History Adobe Air Programs

These programs work on the PC desktop.
Printing Videos
Black Death
Introduction to the Writers of the Renaissance
Revised Introduction to the Renaissance Writers
Power Of Florence
Perspective Part One
Perspective Art Part 2
How the New World was Discovered by Using Perspective
Renaissance Art Quiz
Last Supper Destruction
Finding the Right Lover - Shakespeare in Love
Reformation Review Cash
Hundred Years War in Adobe Air
Review Game for Hundred Years War
Joan of Arc in Adobe Air
Absolute Monarchs in Adobe Air - included in download
Match Game - Meet the Monarchs - Now in Adobe Air
Monarch Flips Review Game - In Adobe Air
Reformation Review - Now in Adobe Air
Wheel of Explorers Review - Now in Adobe Air
Explorer Match - Now in Adobe Air
Crops of the New World Food Lab - Now in Adobe Air
Pirate Day Activities Adobe Air
Starmen and Scientist in the Enlightenment
The French Revolution
French Revolution Review
Enlighten Philosophers Activities
The Seventies Part 1
The Seventies Part 2
Billy Joel explains "We didn't Start The Fire"