While cleaning up the school files I found a worksheet from the days before computers and tablets. A student left their name on their paper so I was able to find the year and class of that student. This worksheet dates back to 1978. See below.
Of course, I could not let it remain as a worksheet. It would become a flash puzzle. The website that has really invested a ton of time on the origin of this puzzle is Rick Archer at this website - http://www.ssqq.com/archive/christmaspuzzle00.htm
Clicking on the puzzle below will let you pick the name for each picture. By clicking the next button at the bottom of the page you can see the correct answers and click on the pictures to see where each fits in history and hear each song. You can also grade yourself with the "How'd I Do" button.
Yes, I still need to clean up those old file folders.
Christmas Song (Carol) Update 2018
Answers to the Original Puzzle
Meaning behind the Twelve Days of Christmas