These are the people who shared content and made it easy for people like me to make more interactivity for students. This is a good starting point if you are interested.
Click here to see the class teaching Charactor Animator. Join the class to learn Adobe Character Animator
Stephen Hustedde - the inspiration, encouragement, support and help with Toolbook and now Flash. Stephen is now teaching Flash. Be sure to take a look at his tutorials on Flash to get your programming started. Try looking at these videos on You Tube -

Stephen's name was given to me by a talented lady who worked at Asymetric. Her name was Carole Statham.  She was so good at her job that she got snapped up by the U.S. Navy for their training software. I got in touch with Stephen and the magic that Toolbook added to teaching was remarkable. This is a zip file containing Neuron which needs to be installed first before running the program below. When extracting the zip file, keep the sound files in the same extracted folder.
Stephen's Great Gift to Education
All the programs below were created by Stephen Hustedde
Roman Crossword Puzzle - Another great activity coded by Stephen Hustedde. The students click the first square of each word which highlights the entire word. The clue shows up in the dialogue box and the students types in the answer which is responded to with a right or wrong response. The word then pops in the highlighted squares. Again, very interactive for the classroom.
The Wheel Spin Puzzle - Yet another Stephen Hustedde creation. Students spin the wheel to get a clue then match it to the correct answer to the left. Its scored with a right or wrong score. This is an awesome way to review.
In this hieroglyphics program Stephen converted the glyphics into a language students could play with. Students draged the letters to make a message to their classmates. On other pages students got more practice on translating their language into hieroglyphics.
Jody Hall coded this program to include a timer, #correct, # wrong, and a score. The other cool thing about this program is the terms shuffle when you play again. Great for the active classroom.
Jack Cone - did the Geography Quest tapes back in 1989,
1990, and 1991. Jack did this demo to show his talent. He is Bumphrey Gocart (Humphrey Bogart)- the dyslexic secret agent.
Geoff Dellow
Geoff Dellow                            ?                      Geoff Dellow passed away Friday, November 25, he had 81 years, of very full life and passed away peacefully at home after a short illness.
Design Technology till 1998 Learnt Flash (web design software) - Thought "Children would love this" and they did. Taught 2000 kids Flash and 50 teachers in both primary and secondary schools till 2004 (BETT exhibitor in 2000) Returned to Ulverston 2004 Resumed teaching Flash to teachers worldwide till present. We remember his great work on "Talking Heads" for students. Geoff shared with teachers how he created talking heads. Students wrote dialogs between two students.
1. Students could edit their head - changing eyes, hair, and so on.
2. Students used Version 4 Macromedia Flash to make a series of conversations on any subject.
3. They then recorded their conversations in the frames of the conversation.
4. A button advanced the conversations frame by frame until the subject was completed.
This was an extremely cool way to engage students.
5. They then shared the information with a computer hooked up to the data projector or the smart board.
What a great guy who kept sharing until the end.
6. I hope who ever owns the rights to the video's Geoff made to help teachers will keep them on-line for others to profit from his ground work.